Gin, Tonic Water, Espresso Coffee
$ 2000.00
Emmanuelle Mimieux ( By Valentin Rubi )
Tequila and Aperol make up the ground and flavor structure of this cocktail, accompanied by bianco vermouth and lemon juice; together with egg white, they make this cocktail a creamy and easy-to-drink accompaniment.
$ 2500.00
Alfred’s Shoe ( By Valentin Rubi )
Bitter cocoa, Grand Marnier brandy & Campari take the lead in this cocktail, while a second layer of flavors emerges with an expertly pulled espresso shot and coffee liqueur.
$ 1800.00
Habito ( By Fermin Faccini )
Citrusy and balanced remastered Penicillin with Irish whiskey, licorice root, and rosemary.
$ 1700.00
Eliberto diplomatico ( By Fermin Faccini )
New version on our classic Espresso Martini with Ristretto, turning into a dry and slightly acidic alcoholic drink, with hidden sweet notes in the palate, thanks to the Colombian coffee syrup
$ 3400.00
Mirada intensa ( By Fermin Faccini )
Intensa como las hierbas del jägermeister maceradas con la frescura del tomillo y el amargor del pomelo
$ 2300.00
White Tophead (By Martin pepa)
A twist on a classic dessert, featuring hazelnuts and citrus fruits, made with Jim Beam, Hesperidina, Frangelico & whipped cream topping
$ 2600.00